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Our Vision

Forging and scaling up sustainable economy with discussion and research.

Equipping our members with the knowledge, skills, and network necessary to succeed in the field of Impact Investing.

Becoming the most recognized student-led initiative focusing on impact investing in Geneva.

What motivates us?


Intervention is required NOW.

As young individuals concerned about the future of our world, we recognize the substantial role of finance in catalysing the Sustainable Development Goals.

We are proactive, committed young professionals who want to play a central role in redefining finance for a more sustainable future.

The purpose of the organization is to enable and inspire IHEID students to recognize and contribute their capacity in international governance and finance to the emerging field of impact investing.

Our students come from over 100 countries, from a diverse set of professional backgrounds who are now committed to work in sustainability and development.

The Impact Finance industry has much to gain from the unique perspective and experiences that our students possess.

Our students are global leaders, committed to social impact and change with skills required in the intersection of Finance and Impact.

Our Work


Events and Workshops

We invite impact investing professionals from public and private sectors to share their first-hand insights


Research and Media

We provide in-depth analysis on the most recent trends in impact investing (Geneva Impact Investing Review). In addition to that, we host podcasts with successful professionals in the Impact Investing sector and network with professionals to help our community get access to best opportunities.


Career Development Programs

Skills Development Workshops, Mentorship Programs and Corporate Visits are pipeline projects that are expected to be launched by Spring Semester 2023

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